The registration process commences from the point of receiving Retirement Savings Account (RSA) forms for potential clients from various marketing channels. The potential RSA holders could either be new clients who are just opening a new account or already existing RSA holders who are transferring from other PFAs (When the Transfer Window is Open).

The following processes will be followed to open an RSA:

  • A completed application form will be received from the prospecting contributor at our customer care desk and other marketing channels. RSA Form could be downloaded here
  • This enrollment form will pass through a scanning process by the Scanning Officers to store and read the biometric data electronically which includes the thumb print, signature and passport photograph of the prospecting contributor.
  • The completed form will be processed and RSA PIN number generated for the contributor
  • The RSA holder will be issued an enrollment letter via e-mail, post mail and SMS, which will include the PIN, a user ID and password for accessing their account status on the internet, as well the PFC and a bank account number into which contributions are to be lodged to the exclusive order of APT Pension Administrator Limited. The appropriate letter will be generated by the system for this purpose.
  • The RSA holder is expected to advise his / her employer of their PFA of choice and provide the relevant details contained in the enrollment letter.

The following documents are expected to be attached to the completed form

  1. Birth certificate/Declaration of age
  2. letter of employment
  3. Clear passport photograph (2 copies)
  4. Letter of last promotion (where applicable)
  5. Evidence of Transfer of Service (where applicable)
  6. Evidence of `coordination and merger of service (where applicable)
  7. Copy of latest pay slip from the current employer

About Us

APT Pension Funds Managers Limited was incorporated (RC 612608) on the 13th December 2004 under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990.

Our Mission is to provide pensioners with excellent returns on their retirement benefits and generate best returns to the stake holders through hard work, innovation and total devotion