Retirement Saving Account (RSA)

Retirement Saving Account (RSA) is an account opened with a Pension Fund Administrator in line with Pension Reform Act 2004. This highly regulated account is used to keep information about monthly contributions from both employee and employer. The employee can also contribute an additional amount referred to as Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC). Every employer employing more than 5 employees is mandated by law to open RSA for all her employees with a PFA.

The RSA is an investment that yields returns and as such continues to grow especially with proper management by the PFA. Access to the funds begins at 50 years or subject to terms and conditions of service. During payment, the contributor has a choice of either a Programmed Withdrawal or Annuity.


About Us

APT Pension Funds Managers Limited was incorporated (RC 612608) on the 13th December 2004 under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990.

Our Mission is to provide pensioners with excellent returns on their retirement benefits and generate best returns to the stake holders through hard work, innovation and total devotion