Benefits is in general referred to as an advantage, privilege, right, or financial reimbursement (such as that made under  pension plan or insurance policy).

Pension Plan: This gives a client the opportunity to access part or all of his/her benefits after or before retirement based on his/her age, condition and RSA balance.

Insurance Policy: it gives a client the privilege to buy annuity agreement with an insurance company.


  • Before you access your Pension benefits, you must attain the age of 50 and above or put in 35 years in service. For this, the retiree is required to contact his/her Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) for the required document to access his/her benefits entitlement. The retiree is at liberty to choose how his/her retirement benefit would be managed, either to go for Programmed Withdrawal (PW) or Annuity. This option will be indicated in a Consent form filled by the retiree.

 In PW, an initial Lump sum will be paid after which a pre-stipulated amount (draw down) will be paid on a monthly basis by the PFA.

 Life Annuity involves an agreement with a preferred insurance company. The insurance company will then takeover the responsibility of managing the retirement funds of the retiree. (The Retiree has to provide the PFA with an annuity agreement from his/her preferred Insurance Company).




  1. Copy of Exit letter
  2. Consent Letter
  3. Last Two Pay Slips                                                          
  4. Standard Notice of Retirement Form (to be given by the PFA)
  5. Indemnity Form stamped at the High Court (to be given by the PFA)
  6. Two passport photographs
  7. Banker’s confirmation Letter from Retiree’s bank with stamped affix passport photograph, stating their name, account number & sort code
  8. Confirmation of Accrued Right Payments Letter (for Retirees of Self-Funded MDA’s, States, Local Government and Private Organization)


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